Excavations of the bodies have been going on for many years, you can find out more from the Easter Island Statue Project.  It’s generally accepted that the statues were made sometime between 1250 and 1500 AD. There is controversy surrounding why the bodies are buried. Was it time and erosion, or were they buried on purpose?  Aliens?   The soil surrounding the bodies for so long has preserved interesting carvings (petroglyphs, or rock markings)..
This one below has a sailing ship carved onto it...  

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  1. mc miller says:

    NEPHILIM coming your way 2012

  2. wotthe dickins says:

    everyone knows that if they dig a little deeper, they’ll find the statues are sitting on toilets

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  4. AndyA says:

    So then it’s true that the earth it’self has grown, or is it an illusion?

    • Bob says:

      Wow. I’ve seen plenty of people misuse it’s where its should have been used, but it’self? You take the cake, ungrammatical sir.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        Wow, I’ve seen plenty of people post replies and still get their message across without grammar nazis trying to mock them and have nothing contributive to say in relation to the subject; their sole purpose is to boost their egos by criticizing the grammar of others.

        You take the cake, petty smug sir.

        • Valerie says:

          Isn’t that what you just did?

        • Joel Renaud says:

          Wow, I’ve seen plenty of people post replies to rag on people for having poor grammar without people mocking them for just trying to help. With the intention of mocking the person who was only trying to help, with the soul purpose of showing off their intelligence and boosting their ego. All while not actually contributing anything of value of any kind to anything at all.

        • Rk says:

          Ive seen grammar nazis and that is not one of them. The person who said “Moran” is a moron, especially for being such an jerk to someone who asked a perfectly valid question.
          Stfu and gtfo my internet.

        • greekorthodox says:

          The cake is a lie.

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  6. Thomas says:

    AD 1250, not 1250 AD.

  7. cheryl dyer says:

    unbelieable, very interesting ..

  8. Thamires says:

    If you could do the above with all the body types. That is have the in line comparison like that, that would be great. Ordering one of your mknaiins in the future and side by side like that would make it much easier.

  9. Love Bunnys says:

    The sailing ship looks to me like it was carved long after…

  10. Pablo says:

    I think those heads have been dated because they just dated the presence of folks that lived there as well.But how about an older group? Imagine, the Thiahuanaco culture is “dated”few thousand years old. But the position of all sun windows lets us see the sun came up on the exact positions like 12,000 to 15,000 years ago, as many other cultures did, Cheops, as well, Osiris shines a bit besides the tunnel, but it will be perfect like 12,000 ago. Many astrological features of temples and other buildings show these differences, and all are between 15,0000 and 12,000 years ago.
    That can be explained by a big catastrophe that for example in this case a giant flood, made disappear the first folks living there.That can explain the soil that covers the stones so deep as sediment. Do they found traces of excavations made to bury them stones? Like scars on the harder soil aside? Or is it just that the stones are not that old, and they just buried so deep? Maybe the stones were covered when the last folks were there, and they just discovered the heads, and uncovered the heads only..so many questions…

    • Pablo says:

      And of course, i almost forgot, Maybe the Pascuans as they discovered older heads, started to make their own copy’s as well, so maybe just few are buried, as many aren’t, they are just heads.

  11. Tess says:

    Get over yourself, Bob.

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  13. bobo not bob the original says:

    cant we all just get along….grammar is rateddd overrrr way any

  14. gigi says:

    That’s it people!Don’t always just take things as they are. Looking below the surface could reveal more than what we see on the top….

  15. Original Paulie Dee says:

    Even more fascinating is the fact that several of the Easter Island bodies were found to have a “Tramp Stamp” on their lower back.

    Some trends truly do come full circle over time!

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  17. Rk says:

    this is pretty fascinating, I wonder if the ground level arose or if they were buried.

  18. Seattle Kevin says:

    This is all the proof one needs that the wordwide flood (“Noah’s Flood”) indeed occured. Every culture has a worldwide flood historical account (oral or otherwise). It’s real, people….

  19. Carl Vickers says:

    It makes sense to me that the ship carved onto the belly of the one must have signified the “mother ship” why else would you put a ship on a belly of what appears to be a female body.

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